By: J.M. Jones

Embracing the Law of Attraction

Change and Light will become a regular part of life. Life is supposed to be FUN! Have fun with your life! Start laughing at all the little gifts that are sent your way.

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About The Book

Embracing the Law of Attraction was written with the hope that the reader will be able to relate to the stories and scriptures. The book is designed to help the readers identify areas of their lives that need changing. By using the workbook, affirmations, scriptures, and the journal, the diligent student will begin to experience small changes, or perhaps large changes. By documenting their growth over time, the student will really begin to see how the Law of Attraction works and see their lives improve. The people who can help along the way, the opportunities that will be offered because of the change in thinking patterns, will impress them.



Meet J.M. Jones

J.M. Jones enjoyed every moment that was used in connecting thoughts and ideas, finding relevant quotations and Bible scripture. Her belief that each person creates their own life by the thoughts they think, has completely impacted the message of Embracing the Law of Attraction. Since her own life has changed and has been greatly impacted by being conscious of her thoughts, it was only natural for her, a teacher, to want to share it. Part of the change includes finding daily small things to bring joy. The attitude of daily gratitude keeps the sun shining. She no longer lives close to the sound, but close to lakes and mountains. J.M. Jones is surrounded by natural opportunity to embrace all that is beautiful in the lakes, mountains, and people, and embracing nature, honesty, and goodness, because Life is meant to be fun!

Excerpts From The Book

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“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.”

“You must BE the change you wish to see in the world.”


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